Becker bill enforcing government agency accountability signed by governor


OLYMPIA…The law governing how an agency improves after having been found during an audit by the Washington State Auditor’s Office to be non-compliant with state law just got bigger teeth.


Under Substitute Senate Bill 5372, an agency needs to submit a plan for fixing the issue to the Office of Financial Management who must then send a plan for remediation to the governor, the auditor and other reviewing bodies.


If, during a subsequent audit, the agency is found not to have made any progress toward complying with the law and correcting their original audit finding, the case could be referred to the attorney general for legal action.


“Government agencies are run by people and everyone makes mistakes. But agencies that are violating state law need to improve their accountability to the people of Washington,” said Sen. Becker. “This bill requires an action plan and holds the agencies’ feet to the fire.”


The new law takes effect 90 days after lawmakers wrap up their regular session, which will be no later than Sunday.