Newsletter: Should kindergartners be taught state-mandated sex education?

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Should kindergartners be taught state-mandated sex education?

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I’d like to talk about something that should be very concerning to the mommies and daddies out there.

Right now, sexual education is taught to public schoolchildren typically from the fourth grade on. However, Senate Bill 5395 wants to expand sex education to include children in kindergarten through the third grade.

The arguments for the bill say that children are often victims of sexual abuse and this bill would make them more informed and comfortable reporting that abuse. Proponents also argue that children as young as 4 years old need to be educated about the range of gender identities and sexual orientations so they can recognize their own.

I am VERY concerned about the safety of our children and support educating them about sexual abuse, but schools are already teaching this awareness to kids at all levels.

I do not support teaching 5-year-olds about other sexual concepts that are beyond their years. Kindergarten teachers want to focus on teaching the kids their ABCs and how to share. They don’t want to be mandated to discuss sex with their kindergartners.

SB 5395 infringes on the rights of children to a childhood that is as protected from adult concepts as much as possible. And mommies and daddies should be VERY afraid about where this is headed. There is a definite agenda to take away the choices parents have the right to make on behalf of their children.

What’s more, this bill doesn’t even allow individual school boards to decide if it will implement the curriculum. Every school would be mandated to teach it to ALL grade levels. Individual school boards should be able to decide if they will implement the curriculum in their districts based on the values of the parents in their communities. The state should not be forcing a sex education curriculum on everyone statewide.

Parents can opt out of having their children participate, but that calls attention to children who could then be stigmatized for being pulled out of the lessons.

Instead, parents should be given the chance to opt IN to the curriculum. My caucus proposed many amendments to the bill that would have protected the rights of parents and the local control of school boards, but they were rejected.

And while the bill doesn’t say anything about parents sitting in on the class during the sex education lessons, there’s nothing in it that protects their right to do so.

Where do you stand on this topic?

Do you support the state mandate of sex education to all children in Washington’s public schools in grades kindergarten through the 12th grade? Email me and let me know.


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