Newsletter: Your 2nd Amendment right under attack

Two bills that attack your 2nd Amendment right were passed out of the Senate Rules Committee today, which means they are likely to come up for a vote on the Senate floor. Under the current majority, the bills are both likely to pass. And you should be worried. As a woman, a legal gun owner and an American, I’m very concerned about the unintended consequences of this legislation and will be voting against both bills.

Engrossed House Bill 1465: Right now, if you are one of the 600,000 Washingtonians who have a concealed pistol license (CPL), you can purchase a handgun without a waiting period because you have already gone through an extensive background check. However, this bill would prevent you from getting your gun until you go through another background check at the time of purchase — every time you buy a gun. 

Even more concerning is that it is also a barrier for women who want to own a firearm for their own protection. It’s the state victimizing women who are trying to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to protect themselves from being victimized. And it’s unacceptable.

House Bill 1225: This bill would require law enforcement to confiscate a gun(s) and ammunition in the household when they are called in on a report of domestic violence. It would also require law enforcement to keep the gun(s) for five business days. 

If a woman is a victim of domestic violence and the legal owner of a gun, police should arrest the suspect and not confiscate the firearm she needs for protection. A domestic violence suspect will be out of jail in less than five days and if their victim has no means of self-protection, they are a sitting duck for another attack. The state should look to protect the victim’s constitutional right, not take it away.

Proposed taxes before us

  • Senate Bill 5961: An unconstitutional 8.9 percent income tax on capital gains designed to open the door to a full-blown statewide income tax.
  • Senate Bill 5313: Raises the local school-levy limit to $2.50 per $100 assessed value of your house, up from the current $1.50. Raises districts’ taxing authority from $2.5 billion to $4 billion a year! 
  • Senate Bill 5998: A graduated real estate excise tax that will make rents on apartments and condominiums unaffordable and could increase homelessness.
  • Senate Bill 5996: A 25 percent increase in the state tax on your auto, boat and homeowners’ insurance.
  • Senate Bill 5993: Changes the Hazardous Substances use Tax to a per-barrel tax on volume rather than indexed to the price of oil. This could have a devastating effect on our local refineries.
  • House Bill 1087: Taxes all private and public employees’ wages at 0.58% to set up a long-term care benefit of $100 per day for up to a year. Watch TVW: Make up your own mind.

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Watch TVW: Make up your own mind

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