Washington state Senate honors Washington’s dairy industry

Annual resolution ‘very personal’ for Sen. Randi Becker

OLYMPIA…Once a dairy farmer, always a dairy farmer. That’s the spirit behind Sen. Randi Becker’s Senate resolution today honoring the Washington state dairy industry, including the Dairy Ambassadors and the Washington State Dairy


Sponsored annually on ‘Dairy Day,’ in the Legislature, the resolution recognizes the hard work and commitment that dairy farmers have to their cows and the production of dairy products for Washington state.

“Dairy farming is not an easy job. When you’re raised in it, you learn the value of an honest day’s work,” said Becker, R-Olympia. “You learn that dirt under your nails can give you a sense of great pride — so does knowing that what your family helps feed people around the state and beyond.”

A popular feature to Dairy Day has been the dairy ambassador contest. Unfortunately, this will be its last year. The dairy industry can no longer afford to continue the program as it struggles due to low milk prices.

“I’m always so proud to welcome the young women who represent the industry every year as Dairy Ambassadors. They embody a lot of community and industry pride. They deserve our respect and acknowledgment. I really look forward to Dairy Day every year so I can show my appreciation for all that the industry means to our state. I’m sad that this is the last year I can welcome them to the Senate.”