Why we are in a ‘special session’

Why we are in a ‘special session’

Last week we wrapped up a 105-day legislative session, but we have been called into a 30-day special session as well. Why?

Meeting our paramount duty of fully funding basic education in Washington is the biggest challenge the Legislature has faced in a generation. Not only will K-12 account for more than 50 percent of our $43 billion budget, we must reform current education policy and influence the education of Washington’s children for a long time to come.

We have been in negotiations on a final solution for weeks and are increasing the number of meetings with other negotiators to six times per week so we can tackle all the complicated issues involved. When we do arrive at a final plan, the rest of the budget will be easier to navigate.

We take our jobs very seriously and in addition to the education plan and the budget, we are committed to fixing other policies that affect you and your pocketbook. This includes a fix for the water-rights crisis surrounding household wells created by the Hirst court decision. And it includes protections for citizens against unreasonable car-tab fees for Sound Transit’s light-rail project.

Every legislator takes this job seriously but the tasks before us are so important to our state’s future that every effort must be made to do them correctly. Everything we are doing is worth doing right.

And it is my pledge to you that we will not be here one minute longer than is necessary to ensure that the interests of all our people are considered.

Click here for a 2017 Session Report Card to see our accomplishments, unfinished business and disappointments this year.


Gov. Inslee signs Substitute Senate Bill No. 5372, April 19, 2017. Relating to state audit findings of noncompliance with state law. Primary Sponsor: Randi Becker

The governor signs my bills into law

Many of the bills I worked on this session passed both chambers of the Legislature and will become law. So far, Gov. Inslee has signed two of my bills and several more are due to be signed as well. Click below to read more on those bills.

Signed into law:

Senate Bill 5374 – Whistleblower protections

Senate Bill 5372 – Audit findings and government accountability

Senate Bill 5200: Complimentary Discover Pass

Senate Bill 5631: University of Washington contracting

Yet to be signed:

Senate Bill 5436: Telemedicine locations

Substitute Senate Bill 5705: Behavioral health agencies

It’s here! The 2017 Government Guide

Download the 2017 Government Guide for the 2nd Legislative District and have all of your local and state government resources at your fingertips.